Working papers
1Random multi-unit assignment with endogenous quotas, under review
2 Can everyone benefit from social integration?, undergoing revisions
3 The strength of absent ties: social integration via online dating, submitted
[SSRN] [arXiv[matlab code] [stata code] [slideswith P. Hergovich
4 The Tinder matching problem: privacy in two-sided matching, under review

Work in progressavailable under request
1 Attention discrimination in matching marketsa

Short published papers
Playing tennis without envy, Mathematics Today, Vol. 52 (6), December 2016, 268 - 269. [SSRN] [arXiv]
Winner of the ECM Catherine Richards Prize of the UK Institute of Mathematics.

Selected conference presentations
5th world congress of the Game Theory Society, Maastricht.
2016 Advances with field experiments, Chicago.
13th meeting of the Society for Social Choice and Welfare, Lund.
2016 Economic Science Association (ESA) world meeting, Jerusalem.
10th conference on Economic Design, York.
12th European meeting on game theory (SING12), Odense.
22nd Coalition Theory Network annual workshop, Glasgow.
Referee for
Social Choice and Welfare.
Mathematical Social Sciences.