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I am a lecturer in economics at Queen's University Belfast. My research goals are to understand i) social integration dynamics, and ii) how to fairly divide resources.

My research has been published in the Journal of Mathematical Economics, Economics Letters, the ACM Conference on Economics and Computation, the Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory and Mathematical Social Sciences. It has been widely discussed in international outlets such as the MIT Technology Review, World Economic Forum, New Scientist, Forbes, Financial Times, The Economist, The Times and BBC's Thinking Allowed. I have received prestigious research grants adding to over £700,000 from the ESRC, the Leibniz Association and the European Commission.

I am passionate about teaching. I have received a a number of teaching awards: in 2021, I was student-nominated for the Queen's Teaching Awards and in 2017 I was voted one of the University of Glasgow best tutors. Since 2018, I am a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.