Hi, I am a senior lecturer in economics at Queen's University Belfast.

My research studies how to allocate scarce resources fairly and efficiently, both theoretically and using data. Applications of my research include the design of algorithms to assign pupils to schools or to divide land among countries.

I have published in Games and Economic Behavior, the Journal of Mathematical Economics, Social Choice and Welfare, Economics Letters and Mathematical Social Sciences. My research has been covered by The Economist, the Financial Times, the MIT Technology Review, BBC's Thinking Allowed and Forbes.  

I obtained my PhD from the University of Glasgow in 2017 under the supervision of Hervé Moulin.

I am/have been on the program committee for the 2022 Matching in Practice Workshop, the 2023 Conference on Economics and Computation and the 2024 Royal Economic Society Conference.


1. The cost of strategy-proofness in school choice, 

Games and Economic Behavior (2023)

with T. Klein, 

extended abstract in the Matching under Preferences Workshop.

2. Fair cake-cutting in practice, 

Games and Economic Behavior (2022)

with M. Kyropoulou and E. Segal-Halevi, 

extended abstract in the Conference on Economics and Computation.

3. Obvious manipulations in cake-cutting, 

Social Choice and Welfare (2022)

with E. Segal-Halevi. 

4. On the integration of Shapley-Scarf housing markets, 

Journal of Mathematical Economics (2022)

with K. Manocha and R. Kumar, 

extended abstract in the Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory.

5. Efficiency and fairness in cake-cutting with single-peaked preferences,

Economics Letters (2020)

with B. Bhardwaj and R. Kumar

6. Multi-unit assignment under dichotomous preferences, 

Mathematical Social Sciences (2020).

7. The losses from integration in matching markets can be large, 

Economics Letters (2019)

8. Social integration in two-sided matching markets, 

Journal of Mathematical Economics (2018)

Working Papers

1. What happens when separate and unequal school districts merge?, with R. Aue and T. Klein

    review and resubmit, Games and Economic Behavior

2. The limits of school choice with consent, with G. Ziegler

    extended abstract in the Conference on Web and Internet Economics.

3. Social integration via online dating, with P. Hergovich. 

Refereeing and Editorial Activities

Program Committee: Match-UP 2022, EC 2023, Royal Economic Society Conference 2024.

Journals: Journal of Economic Theory,  Management Science, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Social Choice and Welfare, International Journal of Game Theory, Economic Inquiry, Theory and Decision, Social Networks, Mathematical Social Sciences, Journal of Demographic Economics, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Stochastic Systems, AMS Mathematical Reviews, Games. 

Conferences: Match-UP 2021, 21st and 24th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation, 14th Conference on Web and Internet Economics, 3rd, 4th and 5th Games, Agents & Incentives Workshop.

Guest Editor: PLOS One.

Awards and Grants

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