Social integration in two-sided matching markets, Journal of Mathematical Economics (2018).

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Working papers

The strength of absent ties: social integration via online dating, with P. Hergovich

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Some Reviews: MIT Tech Review & Timothy Taylor, editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives & Alex Tabarrok from Marginal Revolution & New Scientist

Taught in the following classes: UCSD, Introduction to Mathematical Modelling & Corvinus, Social History Methods

Fair cake-cutting in practice, with M. Kyropoulou and E. Segal-Halevi

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Multi-unit assignment under dichotomous preferences

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Rational inattention in online dating

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Social integration in networks


Work in progress

Gains from Integration in Matching Markets: Theory and Empirical Evidence

Short papers

Playing tennis without envy, Mathematics Today (2016)

[arXiv] Winner of the ECM Catherine Richards Prize of the UK Institute of Mathematics.

Referee for

Journal of Economic Theory, Social Choice and Welfare, Mathematical Social Sciences.

14th Conference on Web and Internet Economics 2018, RES Symposium of Junior Researchers 2018.