EC2023 Data Analysis and Optimization - fall 2019

ECO1013 The Economy - fall 2020

EC3032 Economics of Networks and Institutions - spring 2019, 2020

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These are some things my students said about the courses that I have taught in the past.

``Not a suggestion for improvement, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the module. Last year I didn't like the Micro module that much, so I was worried about this year's one, but surprisingly this module is great. I really like the structure of the module. Also I feel like I'm actually learning something for once, so thanks.''

``I really liked that it was more of a hands on approach, if that makes sense. It wasn't just "read the textbook and learn the material", the lecturer always went through all the examples in class.''

"Thank you for confirming you've received my exam. I also want to thank you for your guidance this semester, and especially for your efforts in accommodating the pivot to virtual learning. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the material discussed in this class, and I cannot believe how well it all applied to real life. It was really interesting especially to look at spread of contagion through networks, considering that world leaders and health ministers are using similar thoughts to address COVID. I will be holding onto my electronic copy of the textbook, too, for future reference. "

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