EC2023 Data Analysis and Optimization - fall 2019

EC3032 Economics of Networks and Institutions - spring 2019

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These are some things my students said about the courses that I have taught in the past.

``Not a suggestion for improvement, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the module. Last year I didn't like the Micro module that much, so I was worried about this year's one, but surprisingly this module is great. I really like the structure of the module. Also I feel like I'm actually learning something for once, so thanks.''

``I really liked that it was more of a hands on approach, if that makes sense. It wasn't just "read the textbook and learn the material", the lecturer always went through all the examples in class.''

``The module structure was good. The lecturer was excellent in explaining materials and helpful. The lecture note easy to understand''

The full evaluations are available here and here.

I am a fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy since 2018, the national association that certifies the pedagogic abilities of academics.

I was recognized as one of the best 5 tutors in the University of Glasgow.