I am happy to write a recommendation letter for you if you obtained a grade above 70 on my courses. Please, follow the steps below before you ask me for a recommendation letter.

  1. Fill this form https://forms.gle/FRm6yL7a4PTCnrrT9

  1. Create a google website https://sites.google.com/new and upload your transcripts, your CV, the programs to which you are applying, the grade you obtained in my courses and a profile picture.

  1. Send me an email after you have completed steps 1 and 2 with the following subject: "Recommendation Letter". To avoid a generic recommendation letter, bring to my attention any details about you that make you stand out: placements, really good grades, other activities, etcetera.

  1. The Universities will send me an email asking me to upload my letter once you have applied. Please try to send them all at the same day.